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Celebrate the life of a person, a relationship,  

       a family, friendships, an organization, 

                  a business or a loved pet.

For Any Special Occasion

Do you have a friend or family member with a significant birthday coming up? Help make their celebration much more special by telling their story so far to share with friends and family. Give them a surprise they will remember!

Do you have an elderly parent or relative whose story should be told? It is incredibly acknowledging for someone to see their life in pictures, music, captions and video. Give an extraordinary gift to a loved one!


We can:

  • arrange pick up and delivery
  • ​a quick turnaround in 3 days
  • liaise with the funeral director, minister or celebrant, upload your movie to the funeral director or cemetery
  • pre-record the eulogy on our professional equipment if you are not up to giving it
  • if it is possible, record a short audio or video interview with your loved one to include in the movie
  • offer additional services if you need them.

We are honoured to create for you a fitting and beautiful tribute for a loved one.

A wonderful way to honour and celebrate the life of a loved one is with their own personalised movie to share at their funeral or memorial service.
A Memorial DVD not only brings their story alive in a way words can’t, it gives space for reflection and remembering at this important time. It adds a whole extra dimension to the ceremony that is heartfelt and beautiful.

We know it is a difficult time when we lose a loved one and so we assist you to have the best possible tribute with the minimum of stress on your part. Our special funeral package can be completed in 3 days.


Tell the story of your relationship and bring it alive with your favourite music and captions. How about a wedding invitation with an impact? Add a heartwarming touch to the reception. After the event add all your favourite wedding photos and video into your own movie.


Businesses and organisations are embracing this latest, affordable technology to promote themselves in dynamic new ways. Tell your story or your message on websites and Facebook, at conferences, in venues, waiting rooms and shopfronts with a professional, attractive slideshow movie at a reasonable cost. What better way to let your customers get to know you than by talking to them directly on video?

Businesses and Organisations

If you have video and photos we can create an exciting, dynamic promotion of your event. 


Entering a Nursing Home

Help the staff get to know your loved one with a life story DVD. 

You have a unique ability to use the most appropiate music that touches the essence of a person or animal loved one. Your way of compiling the precious photos/vidoes with music truly honours our beloved. In grief, there are many moments we remember but are too traumatised to capture in the only one time we have to share it with friends and family at a funeral.To have a service that does this with such love and sensitivity is wonderful. ~ Joan C.

Anywhere in the World

While we are based in Perth Western Australia we can create a life story DVD for you wherever you are in the world. We can upload your slideshow on Dropbox or we can post your DVD, if so, allow a total of 6 weeks.