• transitions, basic zooms and pans
  • photo optimizing -cropping, adjust lighting, colour balance, removal of red eye and scratches etc
  • one track of music that you provide • 1 title for the beginning

    Simple, short slideshow of photos with

    All include consultation, review of draft slideshow movie (if time permits) and 2 archive quality DVDs with individually crafted covers* and/or on USB and/or uploaded to funeral directors and cemeteries

      Packages and Pricing

      Packages for Every Budget

      • Up to 35 photos 3.5 minutes $125
      • Up to 50 photos 4.5 minutes $150


      • Completed in 3 days.

      • Slideshow with up to 60 photos

      • 1 piece of music

      On a Budget

      Funeral Package

      More of a movie than a basic slideshow

      The following packages are all individually crafted with transitions, titles, captions, customised zooms and pans, music editing and mixing, advanced photo touch ups and more.


      Slide and movie show with

      • up to 100 photos 

      • up to 2 minutes of video

      • up to 3 pieces of music


      • up to 130 photos

      • up to 3 pieces of music


      Slideshow with

      • up to 70 photos 

      • up to 2 pieces of music

      Silver Package - up to 10 minutes 

      Bronze Package - up to 7 minutes


      Slide and movie show with

      • up to 150 photos 

      • up to 4 minutes of video

      • up to 4 pieces of music


      • up to 200 photos

      • up to 4 pieces of music

      Price negotiable

      Your imagination is the limit! Special creations with ‘the works’, more like a mini documentary.

      Talk to us about your ideas.

      Platinum Package

      Gold Package - up to 20 minutes

      We are here to create the slideshow movie you want so if these packages don’t suit we can adapt them.

      We will send you guidelines to help you compile all the material.

      Silver and Gold Packages can take up to 3 weeks to complete (including time for you to review the first draft), while Bronze and Budget take a week to 10 days, except for rush jobs for funerals. Completion time also depends on how many projects we are working on, so please let us know as early as possible of your plans for a slideshow movie, especially if you have a deadline, so we can book you in. 

      Price depends on the amount of damage. We give you a free appraisal.
      Minimum 1 hour $45, with 15 minute increments after that.

      Photo Restoration

      Photos 50c per photo
      Slides $1.00 per slide; for more than 50 - 80c per slide
      Magazine pages $1.50 each

      Professional Scanning

      Additional Services

      Suchita came into my life at a time of acute grief and she stepped me through the process to produce a DVD that I will always treasure. She was kind, compassionate and showed endless patience. Her skill transformed a collection of photographs into a presentation with music that totally captured the life I wanted to remember. Suchita provides excellent value for her very modest charges. ~ Sue T.

      • $45 per hour
      • Obtaining music $15
      • Quick turnaround (72 hours) $40 surcharge
      • Your digital photos all on CD $10
      • Additional DVDs $10 each
      • Please call or email us for more information and to discuss what you want.

      Video and audio recording and editing

      Here are some examples of how we can improve your old photos:

      Optimising Your Photos

      Individually Crafted CD Covers

      The whole process of putting photos together for my mum's 80th was done with such respect, consideration and love; everyone loved it, many thanks. ~ Sandra M.

      The DVD is wonderful! It is very very well done and a great reflection of Joshua’s life.  ~ Steven A.